The Ultimate Outdoor Patio Renovation Guide

Sitting outside on your patio is often a relaxing experience, especially at the end of a long day. While many people enjoy a simple design, you might discover that a few new additions to your patio can make it more exciting and a better area for entertaining your family and friends. Here are a few ideas to consider for the ultimate patio renovation.

Create A Connection 
Since patios are usually attached to a main room of your home, an update that you could make would be to connect the two areas with glass walls that fold. The walls look like doors but allow for a wider entry and often fold in multiple ways instead of in the traditional manner that a door does. You can leave the walls open when the weather is nice outside to allow fresh air to circulate through your home and so that it’s easier to get to the patio area.

Sturdy Furnishings 
Instead of patio furniture that you might have to replace every other year, consider investing in furniture that is durable and that will hold up to various weather conditions. A renovation option to consider is built-in seating. Choose the colors that you want for the material, and add colorful pillows and other accessories to match. You could choose to create concrete seating that looks like couches and chairs and that is covered with padding to make a comfortable place to seat that will last.

Fire Or Ice 
A fire pit a popular addition to any patio. A benefit of this component is that you can get them in almost any design that you like. You can also customize them to fit some of the things that you like to do or to blend with the exterior of your home. Another option would be to add an ice bar. You would need to have a device to keep the ice frozen unless you only have ice in the bar at certain times. However, this could be a nice conversation starter and something that isn’t on other patios in your neighborhood.

Accent With Accessories 
Update your plain patio with a few interesting accessories that will have everyone talking. Talk to a craftsman about customized furniture designs. Design a recessed area in the center of the patio where you can plant flowers or where you can add water and fish.

While a simple patio is a nice addition to any home, it might not have the personality that you want. After building your patio, consider one of the many ideas for customizing this area of your home so that it stands out from others. When you begin renovations, try to ensure that you can easily change the colors and other small details later on if you want to update the area again.

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