3 Benefits Working Out Has On Your Sleep Routine


Working out can have a big impact on your diet and fitness routine; however, it can also provide three additional benefits to your sleep routine. Most sleep experts say that to maintain optimal health you and I need at least six to seven hours of sleep.

Benefit #1: It is important to note; working out can provide more than just a good night’s sleep and clear eyes it can also improve the quality of sleep. Exercise can add more restful and sound sleep to your nightly routine. Sleeping well boosts our immune system; supports heart health and controls stress and anxiety.

Benefit #2: Another benefit your exercise routine can have on your sleep routine is increasing how long you will sleep. When you exercise on a routine basis, you expend a lot of energy. Expending energy can make you feel tired and ready to sleep once the day has ended.

Benefit #3: Most importantly, routine exercise reduces stress and lessens anxiety. When you reduce stress and anxiety, you are more apt to relax and have less trouble falling asleep. In addition, exercise is a natural remedy for anxiety and other mood disorder like depression.

Research has been done which shows that mild to moderate exercise like Yoga can put your mind into a relaxed state, a state where your blood pressure lowers and your mind easily slips into a more positive and calm state of mind. Walking, dancing and bicycling are other exercises that relax the mind and body.

Exercise also helps with insomnia and other sleep disorders. Actually, exercise is a natural remedy for insomnia. Some studies show that aerobic exercise may be especially helpful in reducing the symptoms of insomnia. In addition, studies also show that exercise may lower the effects of certain sleep disorders like sleep apnea.

In addition, better quality sleep occurs to those who enjoy working out. Enjoying a workout makes you feel more positive and relaxed and when you feel positive and relaxed, you will be tired and ready to sleep.

Clearly, working out can definitely help your sleep routine. For some, exercising in the morning is good for deep sleep, while those who exercise several hours before bed find that they sleep even better than those who exercise in the morning. One way to find out which works better for you is to try both. Remember, when your body and mind are tired, you will be ready to sleep.

To conclude, working out can have a big impact on your diet and fitness routine; however, it can also provide three benefits to your sleep routine. Find a workout routine that works for you and enjoy a healthier sleep routine and better health.


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