3 Signs its Time to Change Your Home Locks

The door locks on your house are the first line of defense between your family and what is outside that you do not want coming in. A solid door is compromised by a poor lock. The warded lock design is still recognizable for its use of skeleton keys, but it has a history that dates back to ancient Rome and China. Today’s locks use technology and features that have advanced even in the last few years. Here are three signs it is time for you to change the locks on your home.

You Do Not Know How Many Keys Are Out There

Do you know how many copies of keys for your door locks have been made? Were the locks on your house or apartment when you moved there? Is it possible there are people out there that have a key to your home that you do not want having a key? Not knowing how many keys are floating around for your home is the most critical sign of needing to replace the locks. If you live in an apartment, do you really want your building superintendent having a key? If it is not legally required to maintain the current setup, change the locks.

You Have Cheap Locks

If your last lock replacement used the cheapest locks you could find at a department store or home supply center, then it is time for a lock upgrade. Most door use the same basic technology for the locking mechanism. However, there are vast differences in quality. Manufacturers need to cut corners with cheap locks in everything from the sturdiness of the metal to the quality of the locking mechanism itself. This is not to say that an expensive lock is better, but stronger and more secure locks cost more. Plus, cheap older locks may be at risk for bumping them open by using a readily attainable key blank that fits your lock.

You Have Old Locks

A combination of wireless technology along with batteries that can last for years have made electronic home locks available that provide a number of benefits. You can get a door lock that you can open with an app on your smartphone. These door locks also have keypads to unlock them with a code instead of a key. Some of these newer locks are available that use technologies such Bluetooth or RFID. For RFID locks, you carry a tiny device on your key ring or stick it to something you always have with you such as your smartphone. The lock will automatically unlock when you approach the door. This is great when you are carrying groceries.

You may also just want to change your locks to upgrade their looks. Maybe the nice finish on your entry door lock is now showing signs of wear. A fresh coat of paint on the door and a new lockset can spruce up the look of your main entrance. Locks are ubiquitous and go unnoticed. Take a look at your door locks and consider whether you trust them as the first line of defense in keeping your family safe.

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