3 Things to Know When Buying Airline Equipment Online

When it comes to buying airline equipment online, there are many OEMs, vendors and distributors to choose from. They will offer basic info on the space parts and some offer free quotations for equipment that comes with an installation. The prices of airline equipment will vary based on factors like warranty, sourcing, location, condition, traceability, manufacturer, airworthiness certifications and terms of sale. The most important thing to understand is how to select the right source for purchasing the correct parts at realistic prices.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
OEM aircraft manufacturers provide spare parts for the airline industry. They are the most reliable source of equipment and parts, but they are also the most expensive. They typically offer the most current, factory-based parts that come with OEM warranties. OEMs usually maintain adequate stock levels, but they often implement strict payment terms. Most OEMs require buyers to first register before they directly purchase parts. Most OEMs will have authorized distributors and regional representatives available to answer questions and provide more information. Some OEMs publish annual part catalogs and price listings for their registered buyers.

General distributors and OEM authorized distributors are two types of aircraft parts distributors. Most buyers will be able to purchase parts from authorized distributors at similar or equal prices of OEMs. Because general distributors are not authorized to distribute new OEM, they will offer parts in varying quality and conditions. Some general distributors may only specialize in certain types of aircrafts, but most authorized distributors will be limited to serving only a few OEMs. Anyone that needs to save on money must carefully select a reputable online distributor in order to ensure that they receive quality parts and products.

Mandatory Knowledge
Anyone who wants to buy airline parts and equipment must know certain things. First, part numbers may not be identical to the aircraft’s type, model and serial number. This is because there are compatible part numbers for identical components that are produced by different manufacturers. There may be additional numbers added to indicate any component upgrades or modifications. Condition codes indicate the level of quality and newness. A factory new (FN)Code means the part was manufactured by an OEM. These parts usually include manufacturers’ certifications or conformance certificates. A new material (NE) mark means the OEM item may have limited traceability, so most OEMs will include their own stamp of approval. A new surplus (NS) mark means that the item was purchased new as a result of excessive inventory.

The most important proof of quality for online airline equipment in the airworthiness certification because it includes the condition, the OEM location, the inspected date and the signature of the certifier.

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