3 Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen on a Budget

Depending upon the source you check, kitchen cabinets are thought to typically account for between 35 percent and 40 percent of the cost of a kitchen remodel. Regardless of the exact figures cited, they agree that kitchen cabinets are the single largest expense in most kitchens.

So, if budget is a consideration, finding ways to save money on the kitchen cabinets is a no brainer. It is the single biggest slice of your remodeling budget, typically accounting for close to twice as much as any other single expense, such as appliances. Here are some ways to save money on kitchen cabinets and still get a quality result.

1) Reconfigure the existing cabinets
If your cabinets are in good shape, you may be able to reconfigure the layout. You can use simple graph paper or get some kind of design kit to move them around and see what you can come up with. Make a list of their exact dimensions and do not get too hung up on whether they are supposed to be upper cabinets or lower cabinets. Keep in mind that you may also be able to use them creatively, such as creating a kitchen desk by adding countertop or a wooden writing surface to two base cabinets.

Especially if they are all wood construction, you can also readily refinish or repaint them and change the hardware. If you are creative and do your planning up front, you can get a whole new look for a fraction of the cost of buying new cabinets.

2) Reface them
If your existing kitchen layout is functional and the cabinets are serviceable, you can reface the existing cabinets. There are a number of ways to do this, from painting them while still in place and changing the hardware to replacing the doors entirely. You can also hire a company that does kitchen cabinet refacing.

3) Get replacement cabinets on the cheap
If your existing cabinets just cannot be reused for some reason, you can look to get replacement cabinets on the cheap. Look for discount wholesalers, surf websites like Craig’s List or Freecycle, or search for salvage stores that sell used architectural pieces. Do some brainstorming and ask around to find possible local sources. Also, be sure to have some idea of the style you are looking for and the amount and type of cabinetry you need. Especially when getting used cabinets, there may be a limited selection.

Remodeling a kitchen can be an exciting adventure. It can also increase the resale value of your home, thereby potentially partially paying for itself. But first you need to be able to afford it. Saving on kitchen cabinets is a great means to save.

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