4 Benefits of Synthetic Oils

Oil changes are essential to keeping your car running in optimal condition. If you are due an oil change, you may want to consider getting synthetic oil due to all of the benefits. Synthetic oil is often used in newer cars.

Synthetic oil has more chemical engineering it to it than conventional motor oil. The molecules in the oil are uniform in shape and size. Synthetic oil also has less impurities. Here are the benefits of synthetic oil:

Keep the engine cleaner – Synthetic oils can keep your engine cleaner. When oil travels through the engine, it picks up debris and other particles such as metal slivers that can damage your engine. While this alone will not cause catastrophic damage to your engine, it can shorten its service life. Unlike regular oils that turn to sludge, synthetic oils are thinner and most of the debris is removed as it goes through the engine.

Better lubrication – When the engine moves, it grinds together at a high rate of speed causing friction. The constant rubbing can cause a lot of wear and tear over time. This can definitely happen during the severe weather. Synthetic oils prevent this type of engine breakdown. The lubrication provided better safeguards the engine.

Low temperature effects – Oil doesn’t like cold temperatures. Oil resolves in the engine, especially overnight when the temperature dips. Oil settling down isn’t good. But this often happens during the cold. When a person starts up their car, the oil will take a while to really circulate. This won’t happen with synthetic oils. This oil won’t submerge and settle even during the cold, thus eliminating damage.

Hot temperatures – Hot weather can adversely affect and engine just like cold weather. Your engine will conduct the heat that’s absorbed by your car. Synthetic oil will definitely keep the car from overheating.

Synthetic oils can have many other benefits such as promoting better fuel mileage, reduced engine drag, less oil changes, and better overall engine wear. More and more motorists are switching to synthetic oil to extend the life of their engine. If you are unsure about which oils to use in your vehicle, be sure to check out the manufacturer’s guidelines.

If you want your engine to stay safeguarded and good condition, choose a good synthetic oil. While synthetic may cost more than conventional oils, it is better for your car in the long run.

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