4 Ideas for Insulating Your Home This Winter

Homes that have been well insulated offer both superior comfort and reduced utility costs. With so many potential benefits to be had, homeowners would do well to prepare their property for colder weather. Any of the following home insulatio ideas could end up making quite a difference.

1 Ensuring Adequate Insulation for Walls and Attics 

Lacking sufficient insulation for walls, attics and other areas of the home could limit the impact of other efforts. Home and property owners should assess the current state of their insulation, especially in older homes. Replacing or augmenting existing insulation is one of the single most effective ways to reduce unwanted heat loss throughout the winter.

2 Replacing Worn Weatherstripping 

Weatherstripping along door and window frames that have become torn, brittle or that has begun to wear out can be a major liability. Drafty windows and leaky doors can make it far more difficult and expensive to maintain a comfortable temperature. New weatherstripping can often be sourced for minimal expense and many homeowners may be able to handle the installation on their own.

3 Energy-efficient Windows 

Window glass that is too thin or installations that are unable to be properly sealed may be another concern that needs to be addressed. Thicker glass and windows that trap a layer of insulating gas between the panes can go a long way towards ensuring a warm and cozy interior. Replacing and upgrading window installations may seem like a costly and labor-intensive ordeal, but such efforts are often worthwhile in the long run.

4 Upgrading Older Furnaces and HVAC Components 

Heaters, furnaces and other HVAC components that may be struggling to heat the home could be costing a fortune in utility costs. High-efficiency appliances may be able to offer a level of performance that may be comparable or even superior to existing equipment for far less overall cost. Getting rid of an older furnace, upgrading an existing water heater or investing in other appliances that make it easier to create a more energy-efficient household is a great way to winterize the home.

Seeking Out and Identifying Insulation Issues

Conducting a quick survey of the attic, crawlspace, or taking stock of HVAC and heating appliances may allow homeowners to turn up any number of issues that may require attention. Every home is a little different and not every opportunity to reduce heating costs or strategy for improving overall energy-efficiency may net the same results from one home to the next. Working with a professional contractor or learning more about various insulation options may be all that is needed in order to take the guesswork out of any winterizing or home upgrade project that households may be considering.

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