4 Signs that It’s Time to Hire Geriatric Care

We hear a lot about planning for care of parents or relatives that are increasing in age. However, age has little to do with the real signs of needing geriatric care. Some seniors stay healthy and resilient longer than others. Watch for these 4 changes in behavior that can alert you of considering in-home geriatric care.

Looking After the Home 

Not everyone is as clean and orderly as you may be, but seeing a change in how your loved one is caring for their home often points to a decline in perception. Any change in routine, such as not putting items away, letting dirty dishes pile up or neglecting to wash the laundry are common signs that something is amiss. You know their habits and should watch for any significant changes.

Psychological Distress

Psychological distress, or depression, is a sign that the stress of aging is taking a tole on a senior. Being unable to enjoy their surroundings, not wanting to socialize or losing that spring in their step can mean that their emotional balance is beginning to drain. Being able to look forward to a special event or a visit does not change as we age. However, losing this ability to feel joy can become detrimental to their emotional and physical well-being.

Eating Habits

Many seniors begin to lose their appetite. This usually takes place gradually until food becomes unappealing. Managed diets can be the cause of this change, but often has more to do with being alone and losing the enjoyment of how good food used to taste. Check the refrigerator and cabinets. Make suggestions for meals and pay attention to what your loved one is preparing. If a can of soup or a sandwich has replaced a substantial lunch or dinner, geriatric care may be the answer.


Delirium, or sudden confusion, is a sign that there is a change in cognitive function. This is not the same as the occasional forgetfulness that many seniors experience. It comes on suddenly and the mind is unable to process what is going on around them. Although this condition may pass as quickly as it came, there could be an underlying cause. Those experienced in geriatric care are familiar with these symptoms.

There are many changes that take place as the body ages. Some are emotional while others are physical. Pay attention for any of these signs and talk with a Geriatric Care professional. Whether your loved one needs social interaction or physical care, there are great programs that can deliver the right aid.

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