5 Tips for Designing a Challenge Coin

Challenge coins are a way to create a lasting piece of memorabilia. Challenge coins can be given to all members of an organization or service team. Challenge coins can help boost the company’s morale and may be a tool to prove membership. From sports teams to firefighters to the armed services, challenge coins can be used in a variety of fields. It should also be valuable to the person giving it and receiving it. We are going to discuss 5 tips for designing a Challenge Coin.

The first tip is to think of the size and shape of the coin. Do you want the coin to be round or square, or a non-traditional shape? Most challenge coins are about 1.75 inches, but they can be designed larger or smaller depending on their use and your needs. Is the coin meant to be carried in a wallet? Is it going to be displayed in the employees’ badge holder or is it meant as more of a plaque to be displayed on a desk? After answering these questions, you should have a clearer direction as far as the size and shape of the challenge coin is concerned.

The second tip is to think about the art on the coin. The art that you decide to use on the coin should be something meaningful to the company, unit or division, that the coin will represent. Would you like the art to be colorful, or were you looking to keep the challenge coin metal plated? Do you want a flat design or a design that is two dimensional or three dimensional?

The third tip is to decide if there will be one standard design of challenge coin for an entire team of people, or if you would like to make the designs personalized for each member. The possibilities are endless, you may want to put the employee’s name on the coin, or a personal message of gratitude, whatever you decide, can be implemented into the final design of the coin.

The fourth tip is to decide if you would like a one sided or two sided challenge coin. Is this challenge coin going to be displayed on a plaque or trophy? If so we would recommend a one-sided coin. If it is going to be handed out to a unit of people, and they can do with it as they wish, then we would recommend a two-sided coin.

The fifth tip is that the challenge coin should tell a story. Whether the challenge coin is part of a commemoration ceremony or a token of a “job well done” challenge coins serve a greater purpose. Many times a challenge coin also includes a year, or commemorate a period of time.

It has been a tradition for the last twenty years for there to be a Presidential challenge coin. Recently, President Trump redesigned the Presidential coin. The Presidential challenge coins are used to give out an act of honoring someone. They are usually passed in a handshake.

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