5 Tips for Utilizing Space in a Small Bathroom

These days everyone is looking for various ways to improve their living spaces at home. Whether you are a young professional, single parent, growing family, or active adult- we all need space in our personal abodes. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the kind of coveted space they long for in their everyday households. For those of us living in smaller homes or apartments, our dwelling places are sadly too compact to house all of our worldly goods. And the tighter the quarters or room size in a home, the worse it is when trying to space-save.


One of the best examples of the kind of day-to-day household area where individuals need more adequate space is the bathroom. It’s usually the smallest room located in a home, and yet it’s one of the most traipsed and utilized. The average bathroom is around 36-40 square feet and is occupied several times a day. So, it’s a no brainer that a bathroom is one of the most important areas found in a home. And it can also be a difficult room to decorate without a lot of interior leeway to work with…and yet with a little know-how one can create a seemingly more livable, functional at home comfort station. Here are 5 tips to help you utilize the space in your small bathroom.

1. Be a neat freak. Be proactive in keeping your little washroom clean and tidy. If you live with other people it’s even more a priority, especially families with young children. Always make sure that little things are organized and placed in a proper placement, whether it’s a toilet roll or can of hairspray.

2. Keep it light. Choose lighter colored, less fluffy towels to adorn the racks and make sure to brighten up the room with as much light as possible. Keep a window moderately open to let ample air inside, if there’s one in the unit and choose lighter, paler window treatments.

3. Think like a renovation pro. Paint the walls a softer, pastel color and stay away from heavy textured wallpaper or bulky fixtures. When working on a remodeling project, choose a lighter earth-tone backsplash in the shower and a pedestal sink in place of a larger vanity. Install lighter colored flooring. Mount a small antique mirror and incorporate space-saving shelves or a cabinet for towels, soaps, etc.

4. Less is really better. Accessorize your bathroom with fewer items and toiletries. Neatly store make-up, body lotions, and everyday personalized gadgets inside cabinetry or on shelves. Incorporate slender shaped soap bottles rather than heavy soap dishes. Place ties around hand towels or roll them up neatly on top of vanity sink top.

5. Create ambience. Make sure your light fixtures are modern and less weighty. Install a lighter weight shower curtain instead of a heavy-duty damask style.

Basically, you don’t have to be a home improvement aficionado when working to utilize space in one’s run-of-the mill small bathroom. It just takes a little ingenuity and a few good ideas in order to create more usable space that everyone will appreciate at home!


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