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~ Day 22 ~

 Our family is moving into a new season – one we’ve never seen before. Schoolbooks look like highschool and college texts, writing is hammered out on the computer and reading books are bigger, longer and strolled throughout the house. This room is transitioning from a traditional schoolroom to more of a library. We use it often, but in a different way. It’s less busy but more purposeful and reflective – even Mystique, our cat naps here to get away from the action.

I have had this gallery project in my mind for months and pined examples on Pinterest. So on this lovely autumn day we opened the doors and windows to bring outside in to us. Clearing off the table, I gathered picture frames in stacks and purposed to DO this thing! No time for fussing over details or thinking about this project any longer. Plus, piano lessons were looming so I had a time-limit.

 Since I had mulled over this idea in my mind so often – the execution was simpler than expected. Once I placed the center/focal point in place the rest was easy to see.

gall II

 Now daily we can enjoy a blast from our past with beach photos, Levi’s artwork, scriptures and novelty items that have a special meaning to just us. I also hung an iron rack for  medals our sons have earned in sporting and  forensics events.

 Stopping to remember is natural and pleasant to all ages.

While working on this, the guys were digging through medals, remembering events, discussing the artwork and marveling over past photos.

I want the kids left in our home to remember where we have come from and what we stand for. Making this gallery wall of memories is one small way to reinforce what God has done.

 Memories splashed across the wall make this room our own.

Psalm 119:9 ”Your faithfulness continues to all generations ~”

 Now, when I walk into this busy, often messy, room – my first thought is ~


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