A Place to Rest {31 Days of Lovely}

by Debi on

2013-10-20 22.20.41

 ~ Day 23 ~

The Lord builds into our very soul a place and need for rest! I want to build into our home a place to come and relax, be still and listen.

The Farmer’s Almanac predicts a colder winter than usual. Although it’s only October and the days are  beautifully pleasant, I’m taking this time to prep for the colder days ahead.

We Chapman’s LOVE a fire and burn this baby often through the winter. Since we educate our kids at home, the bitter cold days of winter are some of our favorites. Freezing-cold days will find us sprawled out in front on the fire – schoolbooks scattered across the floor. And there is no better place to read aloud.

 Tim and the boys keep wood  chopped out back but the fire-place was a dusty, vacant hole – worn out from last years usage.


 I painted the inside black with heat-resistant spray paint. This paint smells awful so we opened up the house and tried not to breathe it in. Samuel hosed the grate down and painted it outside. Once revamped – we loaded it with wood. A fire-place looks so nice when it’s clean and ready to burn. It completes a living room.

 A few weeks from now we can welcome winter with the ceremonial lighting of first fire of the season.


~ Lovely


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