Outward Bound {31 Days of Lovely}

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~ Day 28 ~

Outward Bound, by S. Walters, has been a part of our home and office for years. It was originally in Tim’s office and has made its way through the house through various seasons. The ‘ship picture’, (we’ve had it so long, it has a name) is an image I want to see everyday. Quality artwork never gets old. Recently, this work of art has been tucked away in our office. We actually have an office, which is the result of sons off to college. This is a new phenomena to our large family. The office is quite functional and ends up being used as a catch-all, late-night study hall for our 4 teenage sons – which is fine, but no place or such quality art.

The adjacent bathroom which accommodates these guys has fresh paint and new tile. Long story – but the old tile caved in … the redo took months and now is complete. Now we have a new, improved bathroom – without decorations. Guys don’t like much in their cave/style room, so I kept staring at the grey walls and wondering what to hang in the one, open space. I remembered this lovely, masculine print – hidden in the office.

Micah {13} and I measured and hung the framed art that has an obvious home.

Now we can see it everyday and the clean, new bathroom is converted with the welcome of color and purpose.

The office has an empty wall and an ideal place for that oversized map I’ve saved for just the right spot.

Grey towels (purchased at Wal-Mart for $2.97 each) complement this print perfectly!


When I walk past this room – several times a day – I get to see Walter’s masterpiece, Outward Bound and the guys bathroom now has a complete look.


~ Lovely

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Suanna October 31, 2013 at

I love what you did with outward bound. There’s a small painting in my parent’s home that looks very much like this ship. I know my dad painted it. I wonder if he was copying the ship in your picture.


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