Straight Lines {31 Days of Lovely}

by Debi on

sew II

~ Day 31 ~

I love to sew. But this has not always been the case for me. My first machine wash purchased for $10 at a garage sale, back-in-the-day. With a desire to decorate our home on a budget – I figured:

Anyone can sew a straight line.

After all – pillows, curtains, bedding – they’re all made up of series of straight lines. So I set out to conquer the unknown and simply add a few decorative touches to our home.

Little did I know that what would be made and remade was ME!

Learning to sew took me to the end of my patience, over and over again. Tim once commented, ‘it seems like you spend more time ripping out the stitches than you do sewing’. He was right! But with a few months of calling friends, digging through the manual and going at it again and again – I saw progress. The baby nursery was my first project. Seriously, if I had flipped burgers at McDonald’s and earned minimum wage to buy the items – I would have saved time.

But learning to follow directions, work with a pattern, and cooperate with a machine was a life lesson I needed, so desperately, to learn.

All these years later, when I take on a sewing project – I have flashbacks of those days – spending precious hours of nap-time laboring at a foreign machine that would someday be my friend.

For the last day of my 31 Days of Lovely series – I made pillows for the living room. 


I visited a local fabric store, ALONE, to dig through the remnants. Feather pillows are my favorite and I found a discounted blend. *Score!

Once home, I spent the afternoon sewing straight lines. I now have a nice machine and rarely have to rip out seams.

So many times I’ve looked at our brown coach and thought of making more pillows. Setting aside a rainy afternoon to embrace this project is sheer -

~ Loveliness

sew III

Thank you for joining me for a month of posts. The journey has been so much fun, I may continue making Lovely changes in our lives on a daily basis – it’s a nice habit. But these pillows look awfully tempting – I also my lay back and enjoy a rest.

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Sarah October 31, 2013 at

You are making me want to get my dusty sewing machine out! I’ve got a few projects I could tackle if I did! Great Job on the pillows!


Suanna October 31, 2013 at

Lovely pillows! I miss sewing. My machine sits out calling to me, but alas my time with my children is fleeting and by the time I can sit down its about time for bed.


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