6 Benefits of Flying Private

Flying private comes with its perks. Over the years, more and more people are opting to take private jets rather than business or first class commercial flights. So, if you don’t mind paying a more than a few extra bucks for comfort and luxury, private flights should work for you.

Here are a few reasons to fly private:

No more wasting time – Unlike commercial airlines, where you have to deal with checkpoints, security lines, baggage claims, and more, private flying eliminates all that. With private flying you may have have to wait five minutes tops.

Control your own schedule – When you fly private, you get to control when you take off. You can also adjust flights throughout the day if needed. This great when you want to arrive at your destination on time.

Five Star cuisine – While first-class commercial flights have improved meal service, it still doesn’t come close to what you get on a private flight. With private jets, you will be served top-notch meals that come from catering companies with 5-star chefs.

Faster flights – While commercial flights cannot fly any higher than 35,000 feet, private jets are allowed to fly much higher and faster. They also don’t have to compete with larger planes for air space.

Safety – With a private flight, you can choose your own flight crew. This will give you better peace of mind that you can choose the team you feel safest with. Also, to be part of a private flight crew, your record has to be near spotless. The recruitment progress is rigorous and only the best pilots pass muster.

Fly to more destinations around the world – Commercial planes are too large to land at any airport around the world. This is not the case with private jets. They are small enough to land at any destination around the world, regardless of how small the runway.

Whether you are a traveling for leisure or business, private a private jet can be one of the best modes of transportation. There is a great deal of mystique about flying on private jets and justifiably so.

If you are interested in flying by private jet, there are a number of booking agencies you can contact for more information. Although flying a private jet may cost quite a bit more that commercial fare, the perks you get are well worth the price.

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