6 Fashion Trends that Aren’t Going Out of Style Any Time Soon

Fashion is a fickle mistress, but there are a few enduring trends that refuse to go anywhere. It’s helpful to know what they are when you’re planning your wardrobe for the upcoming season. Here are just six styles that will stay popular for awhile yet.

1. Plaid

The grunge generation thought it was authentic. The punk generation thought it was nonconformist. The jury is still out on why the millennial generation likes it, but plaid isn’t going anywhere in terms of visibility and accessibility. Go ahead and stock up on plaid clothes to be a trendy dresser.

2. Metallic Accessories

With economies struggling worldwide, the illusion of wealth and power is something that everyone would like to project. The good news is that you don’t have to shell out for drastic wardrobe changes to take advantage of this mindset. Gold and silver accessories will do the job just fine.

3. Oversized Bags

Large bags and purses used to be the domain of soccer moms with a lot to carry. Then technology happened. Now that everyone has tablets, laptops and e-readers, large bags have become a necessary fixture in the fashion world. Don’t expect this trend to change until technology starts to shift back into an “iPod nano” state of mind.

4. Tall Shoes

The age of the flat sole seems to be over. While flats temporarily come in and out of style, the true staying power belongs to heels, wedges, chunks and inflated sports sneakers. People just love to look at the world from a higher point of view, and as long as celebrities keep cranking out their own designs, the rest of the world will follow.

5. Fitted Trousers

Skinny jeans may or may not withstand the test of time, but they’ve definitely changed the way that pants are manufactured. While bagginess used to be seen as the height of uncaring cool, it’s now the cuffed, form-fitting look that speaks of casual superiority. If you want to dress to impress, buy fitted trousers.

6. Color Blocking

Color blocking is one of the foundations of fashion, so don’t expect it to fall out of favor anytime soon. It doesn’t matter if the designer is from Paris or Tokyo; runaways all over the world are filled with experimental contrasts and color blocks. As an industry, fashion just can’t stop playing with the color wheel.

These are just a few trends that are expected to thrive in upcoming seasons. There are many more, of course, but these should be enough to help you get started on the spring cleaning of your wardrobe. While some things can be tossed or donated for being out of style, these six items should be kept, mended, polished and worn.

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