6 Items to Make Fishing with Children Easier

Fishing can be not only a great way to relax and provide food for your family, but it can also serve as a great way to teach children about their environment and how to protect fish populations. Below are 6 items to make fishing with children easier.


1. Fishing License


In most places, a fishing license is actually required, since the money made from fishing and hunting licenses are a huge proportion of the budget that goes towards conservation and maintenance of the wildlife maintenance agencies. Proper education on fishing rules and guidelines can ensure safety and that fish populations continue to thrive and be available to all who want to go fishing in the future.


2. Simple rod and reel


A simple rod and reel is essential to making fishing with children easier. With a simpler fishing rod, there are fewer components to explain and less for little children to get frustrated over, essentially contributing to a longer attention span. Another option is a cane pole, which eliminates casting and tangling of the line. This set up goes back thousands of years and is a great simple option, especially for young children.


3. Bait and tackle


The correct bait and tackle can make for a very different experience when fishing with children. Use light weight line between 4-8 pounds which works well on smaller rods and will work fine for most regular sized fish. Small bobbers and BB-sized weights can make fishing for children easier, since less resistance encourages the fish to bite. Smaller hooks, size 6-10, are easily hidden within live bait, i.e. red worms, wax worms, or crickets. Keep the bait about the same size of the hook to prevent fish from stealing the bait. Fishing with children can be fun and easy if you use the correct bait and tackle, as they can be more successful, keeping their interest.


4. Sunscreen/bug repellent


Correct safety gear will make a fishing trip with children easier. Make sure to bring sunscreen for protection from the sun’s harmful rays and bug repellent for a more comfortable trip, as the water will attract several different varieties of bugs that may bite.


5. Weather appropriate clothing


Appropriate clothing can, and should, include a hat and a life jacket. A hat can help protect against the sun and a life jacket should always be worn on small children around any body of water in case they should fall in.


6. Snacks and drinks


Proper nourishment is essential, especially when spending the day outside. Bringing healthy snacks and water can keep a child’s attention on fishing and off their tummy, as well as preventing any sickness.

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