6 Unique Fun Party Favors

When it comes to party favors one thing is clear, you need them, whatever the occasion. Otherwise, you may not appear to be a proper host showing appreciation for your guests. However, you may feel the pressure of a tradition that is becoming increasingly more extravagant. You’ve already had to spend a hefty amount for the party itself. That’s when you ask yourself if things can be different.

Is it possible to come up with unique party favors that are reasonably priced, and loved by the receiver? These six party favor ideas bring parties to life and stay within tasteful limits of expenditure.

1) Personalized Stamps 

Whether a boy or girl, a child will love getting a good-sized personal stamp with their name on it along with an ink pad. Throw in a little notebook so they can try it out right away. They’ll be using it for days to come at home or in school.

2) Keepsake Kites 

The cool thing about these kites is that you make them yourself. Not only that, the kids can go outside and fly them. You can choose different colors or patterns depending on whether it’s for girls or boys.

3)Organic Lollipops 

Many parents will appreciate that their kids aren’t coming home with more junk food filled with artificial color and preservatives. Stores online offer these in several scrumptious flavors.

4) Homemade Face Masks 

Find a template for a mask online and print it out. Then choose colors or prints that match superhero themes that the kids love. Don’t forget to attach a string or elastic to the mask so they can wear it. Let the fun begin!

5) Succulent Cupcakes

The catch is they’re not cupcakes you eat. They are cute little succulent plants in a cupcake shape pot. Pink or blue flowers adorn the top like decorations. Kids can have fun caring for their plant when they get home.

6) The Gift of Donation 

Guests at a wedding or bridal shower receive thank you cards. They find out the bride and groom have donated to a favorite charity on their behalf instead of spending the money on favors. This unique and generous action will surprise and delight.

Getting creative with party favors may be just what your soul needs. Gifts become more meaningful with a little thought behind them. The real focus of the party will take care of the rest.

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