6 Ways to Lengthen the Life of Your Spray Tan

It’s no secret that a great tan can help you to look radiant and glowing. With all of the negative side effects caused by exposure to UV rays, more people are turning to spray tans to achieve the desired result. Maintaining a sun-kissed look without visiting the beach or tanning bed is a much healthier option, but it can be expensive. Following these simple steps will help you to keep your spray tan looking fresh and natural for as long as possible.

Be Prepared
To make the most out of your spray tanning session, you will want to ensure that you arrive with your skin in the best condition possible. Thoroughly exfoliate your entire body once a day for at least three days prior to heading to the salon, and body waxing should be done at least 24 hours prior to avoid the unsightly look of darkened pores. Be sure to shower about eight hours before your session and avoid applying heavy lotions or wearing deodorant or face makeup.

Dress Appropriately
Plan to wear loose-fitting clothing, skip the bra and panties, and wear flip flops to avoid any accidental tan lines. If you are unable to avoid lines or uneven marks on your feet, you can exfoliate them as soon as you get home to minimize the impact.

Ask for Advice
Be sure to ask your technician for recommendations regarding the best way to care for the specific treatment that you are receiving. Listen carefully and do your best to follow the instructions provided as closely as possible.

Check Your Shower Routine
Steamy hot showers can feel great after a long day, but this is one of many showering mistakes that can negatively impact skin health. To keep your spray tan looking fresh, make sure your showers are lukewarm and that you don’t use heavy body wash with excessive oils or lather. For best results, use lightweight, natural products and moisturize right after getting out of the shower. Continuing to lightly exfoliate on a regular basis will help to ensure that your tan fades evenly, giving you a natural look between sessions.

Take it Easy
Try to avoid intense gym sessions or other workouts that will make you sweat excessively for the first few days after getting your spray tan. It’s also a good idea to stay out of swimming pools or other heavily chlorinated water until your skin has had a chance to fully absorb the tanning solution.

Reapply as Needed
Consider an in-shower tanner or gradual self-tanning moisturizer to help keep your look fresh in between professional sessions. Your hands and face will tend to fade faster than the rest of your body due to frequent washing. Investing in a high-quality facial tanner and applying it daily will help you to maintain a long-lasting natural look.

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