7 Shopping Tips to Remember When Looking for a Wedding Dress

When you are planning a wedding the star of the show is you and your dress. Choosing a dress is the biggest part of the wedding preparation. We will talk about seven different things you should remember when looking for your wedding dress.

1) Begin Early~ Once you say, “YES”! and have set the date, you can begin looking for THE dress. Like most of us you most likely have a pretty good idea of what you want to wear at your wedding. Starting about 9-12 months before the wedding is a great idea. This gives you plenty of time to look and decide.

2) Decide On A Budget~ Set the dress budget and stick to it. When you make the appointment with the bridal shop make sure they know the budget so you are not tempted to go a little above or a lot above! The budget for the dress should be discussed thoroughly and in great detail so that there is still room for the other things that also require a budget.

3) Do Some Research~ Researching your dress is a must. Learning the language of the bridal dress environment will help with narrowing down the choices available. Learn the styles and colors used in bridal design. If buying a name brand make sure you know the styles as well as price range.

4) Have An Idea~ As stated earlier, we all have an idea of what we want to look like walking down the aisle. We dream about it, plan it, and figure it all out before we even have our partner! Yet having that plan actually saves a great deal of time once we are on our way to our glorious day. Be open to ideas from the bridal consultant. Use your gut instincts and ask questions. Be honest with yourself about trends, traditions, and new styles.

5) Social Media~ Using your favorite social media platform will allow you to do your research, find ideas, save some different images of styles that you may find interesting or different, and finally to share with your “bride tribe”. Social media has so much information that you will be able to narrow down to a few styles and designs that you will be trying on.

6) Ask Questions~ Always ask questions. This is your day. There are never enough questions to ask about your dress. After all, didn’t we dream of this since we were 10? Don’t forget to ask about delivery options, accessories, cleaning, and storage.

7) Have Fun~ Be treated like the star you are for your special day. Bring your comfortable shoes and easy to remove clothing so that you are comfortable and ready to try on the selections you make. Drink the sparkling cider or Mimosa. Enjoy the day with your bridal entourage and make memories.

Using these 7 tips will set the pace for selecting the perfect dress for your wedding. Enjoy and make your dreams come true.


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