7 Smart Steps When Installing A Tile Kitchen Backsplash

When updating the look of your kitchen, keep in mind that small improvements can have a significant impact. Direct your attention to the details of a small innovation and you can reap large benefits. A new tile backsplash is a controllable, long-lasting change, but careful choices and skillful installation are imperative to good, pleasing results.

1.Shop High
Looking is free; visit high-end shops to get inspirations about the types of tile you like and the look you want to achieve. Because tile work generally is a permanent, enduring feature of your kitchen, you may want to consider classic tiling and color options. If you are an adventurous decorator, a dynamic tile backsplash may be a low-cost option for you to introduce creativity and pizazz into your home.

2.Buy Low
Once you have decided on the look and feel you want for your new backsplash, shop the national chains and check online for deals that will allow you to achieve a similar design, but at a much lower cost. Decorative tile accents may come at an additional cost, but if you only need to accent a small area, they can really make a statement.

3.Install Carefully
If you have the patience, the skills, the tools and the confidence, you can do your own tile installation. If you are lacking these, hire a professional. Tile installation requires careful planning and layout. You want to be sure that you do not have to do a lot of tile cutting that could result in broken pieces. You also want to make sure that odd-sized tiles are positioned in the least visible places.

4.Grout Alternatives
Depending on the appearance you desire, either choose a grout that matches the color of the tile, or for a more dramatic look, consider a contrasting grout color.

5.Of Course Seal
To keep the grout free of mold, dirt and to extend its life, seal with a high quality sealer. Do not skip this step if you want the new tile backsplash to look good for decades.

6.Clean Timely
To keep your backsplash looking great, clean regularly with cleaning products that are designed for tile and grout. Be careful not to scratch the tile and diminish the appearance.

7. Enjoy the Look
Whether your new tile backsplash is behind your sink, range, countertops or surrounding your entire kitchen, take time to appreciate its beauty and functionality. Kitchen tiles done right are a manageable visual and practical enhancement to any home.

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