Beyond Drinking: Why is Water so Important?

Everyone knows drinking water is important to keep us hydrated, but there are several other reasons people are unaware of. Drinking water prevents dehydration, which is deadly. It also helps promote good overall health, and it can prolong your life. Many people ignore the daily recommended dose of water intake their doctors prefer, and it’s a mistake. The human body is approximately 70% water, and that makes it the single most important thing anyone can put into the body on a daily basis.

Thirst is Negative

You’re thirsty, so you reach for a glass of water. It seems responsible and healthy, but you’re too late. At this point in the game, you’re already dehydrated. The human body shouldn’t feel thirst. It’s the body’s way of telling you to handle the dehydration that’s occurring within the body, and it’s unhealthy.

Dehydration Causes Early Aging

If there’s one thing people can agree on in most instances, it’s that early aging isn’t something they want to experience. The more often your body is dehydrated, the more like you are to begin showing signs of dehydration. If you want to prevent wrinkles from occurring sooner than necessary, stay hydrated at all times.

Improved Immune System

Water is good for you, but just how good? Water keeps your body healthy, and a healthy body means an improved immune system. This is the system that works to fight off illness, infection, and bacteria from affecting your health. You can decrease your chances of being diagnosed with the common cold doing nothing more than drinking the recommended amount of water each day.

Water Helps You Lose Weight

When you drink water, your body feels full. When you feel full, you aren’t hungry. In fact, many people think they’re hungry when they’re actually in need of a glass of water. Try drinking a glass of water before each meal, and you’ll see you eat less and feel fuller faster. Maintaining a healthy weight helps you keep your entire body healthier. It helps your heart work efficiently, it helps you stay trim and fit, and it improves your brain function.

When you drink more water, you have more confidence in yourself. You have more energy, a better body, and you are in a better mood. Drinking water is important to prevent dehydration, but it’s also important to help you live an overall better quality life. Living longer, healthier, and as a better version of yourself is a welcome addition to anyone’s life. Your doctor can recommend the amount of water you need each day based on your age, weight, and your health.

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