How to Celebrate Diversity in the Workplace

When you celebrate diversity and inclusiveness at your workplace, you are fostering a culture that is open-minded. Not only does it lead to a company understanding its clients and staff, it also makes the workplace an enriching atmosphere for everyone.

The advantages of workplace diversity to a company brings about levels of cohesion to colleagues in small companies and large corporations. Let us look at three ways you can celebrate diversity at your workplace.

Boost your cultural competency

One of the most invaluable workplace skill is cross-cultural communication. In our current times, you are easily going to interact professionally with people from different cultural backgrounds. It can be your staff member, your manager or a client. When you develop a good understanding of the different cultures you are interacting with, you will improve the communication and avoid any form of misunderstanding between team members.

It is wise to keep up to date with the international politics, global events and cultural traditions that are used in the work environment. Open up to travel opportunities and appreciate cultures by making new friends everywhere you go.

Be open to new ideas and perspectives

Be open to different perspectives when you are tackling a difficult task at work. Different people who have different cultures may take a different approach when it comes to issues in business. Be open to valuable insights that you are offered by a colleague. When you look at a point in a different way, it may help you find a solution in a manner that you would not have seen.

When a business creates a workplace that embraces and values different perspective, business relationships can be fostered in a very good way, from the junior roles to the directors of the company. This inclusive culture will help your company keep diverse ideas and talent, making your workplace a safe and acceptable option for job seekers.

Observe diverse holidays, celebrations and traditions from different cultures. 

Creating a calendar that observes diverse holiday celebrations is an interesting way to encourage employees to be involved in celebrating different traditional cultures. Sharing music, food, and celebrations across the workplace can be a great way to build your team and to allow different colleagues in the workplace to connect with each other. Always make a point of acknowledging an important religious holidays. You can do this by sending an email or create time during the coffee break to recognize the holiday to members of staff who are participating in the celebrations. Observe different religious practices like avoiding to schedule lunch meetings during the fasting period or times of prayer.

Promoting cross-cultural understanding and diversity is the heart of building a strong team at your workplace. Embrace it and get to know your colleagues regardless of their background and culture; this will help you to appreciate differences and beliefs in the workplace environment.

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