How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Gown for Your Figure

As if planning a wedding isn’t difficult enough, you also have to choose the right dress for your body type. Women come in all shapes and sizes, so this is easier said than done. This list provides an overview of great selections and choices that may compliment your shape and the ones that you might want to stay away from. The A – line dress pretty much compliments all body types. It is straight at the top and flares out into an ‘A’ at the waist.

1.Box (Boyish) Figure – For a box figure, you should choose a gown that has a full skirt. It should be cinched at the waist to create an alluring, curvy figure. This is also called a ball gown. This body type should avoid the trumpet and the drop waist dress.

2.Petite Figure – A drop waist gown could accentuate your curves, especially if you have a trim waist. This dress hugs your torso and flairs out just at the hip. The trumpet dress is also a great way to show off your shape. Avoid the full skirt because it will make you look like the dress is eating you.

3.Hourglass – The best dress for this shape is the mermaid style dress because it hugs you in all of the right places and lets you show off your figure, by flowing just past the knee. Another dress type that would compliment this figure is the trumpet. It is a straight-lined dress that flares at the knee like a trumpet. It is a great alternative to the mermaid because it provides a similar silhouette with a little more ability to move. The drop waist gown and empire dress are also viable options.

4.Pear Shape – If you have a pear shape, an A-line dress will help accentuate your good parts. The empire dress. This dress is cinched just under the breast and flares from the cinch. Dress makers can alter this design to make you look the the queen of an empire.

5. For an apple shape, where most of the weight is carried in the middle, the Natalie dress is a great option. It is has a bodice that is full of pleats that help hide bulges and accentuate the curves. It also has an A-line skirt that provides balance and shows off the figure. With the same idea of the pleated bodice and A-line bottom, the cadillac dress is a dress that ties in the back, so it is good for many sizes. It is a bit more glamorous than the Natalie, which gives more of a classic look. Either option would be good for an apple shape, it would just depend on preference and style.

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