How to Properly Store E-Liquid

People new to using electronic cigarettes may have many questions about the proper storage of e-liquid. Containing nicotine and a variety of flavoring options, e-liquid is the fluid consumed in an electronic cigarette. An atomizer heats the e-liquid to create the vapor that looks like classic cigarette smoke. E-liquids must be correctly stored to maintain their quality.

Step One: Keep E-Liquid Away from Light and Air

E-liquid is made of a base such as propylene glycol (or PG), vegetable glycerin (VG). E-liquid manufacturers then add flavoring agents that give e-liquids their distinctive fruit, tobacco, menthol, or candy taste. Finally, e-liquid contains nicotine. Seasoned vapers or new users switching from traditional cigarettes may choose different strength levels of nicotine in their e-liquid.

Light and air change the color of nicotine by turning it darker without affecting its chemical properties. However, light and air can substantially alter the flavor of e-liquid, changing the perception of the taste over time. The e-liquid made from propylene glycol will generally last longer than other types because PG tends not to be affected by microorganisms.

Step Two: Don’t Store It in a Plastic Bottle

Although e-liquids often come in plastic bottles, plastic is not an ideal long-term storage material for e-liquid. Apart from concerns about chemicals in some varieties of plastic leaching into the e-liquid, plastic tends to be more porous than other materials such as glass. For an air-sensitive product such as e-liquid, non-porous storage materials such as glass are far preferable. Tinted, dark glass bottles provide protection from both light and air.

Step Three: Keep It Cool
Keeping e-liquid away from heat as well as light and air is also an important storage step. Heat can cause the components of e-liquid to break down at a rapid rate. This is why leaving e-liquid in a hot car tends to have noticeably adverse effects on the product and its flavor. Many people who vape prefer to store e-liquids in a locked medicine cabinet, basement, refrigerator, or freezer. It is important to prevent children from accessing e-liquids in storage.

Step Four: Write Down the Date

A final step in keeping e-liquids properly stored is to write down the expiration date of the e-liquid on the outside of the bottle or in a convenient place. This easy step will help to prevent accidental use after the “best buy” date. Vapers can then experience their e-liquid at an optimal time for flavor and effect.

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