How to Use Packaging to Increase Sales

Your product’s packaging is the first thing that a customer sees when they interact with your product. Poor packaging leads to a poor first impression before the customer has even had the opportunity to use your product. The opposite is also true for packaging that is professional and unique; the packaging leaves a great impression. Packaging that is appealing can lead to customers inspecting and wanting to use your product.

Your Brand
According to Get Busy Media, it takes around seven seconds for anything to make a first impression. In this brief moment, you will want to identify your brand and what it has to offer. You do not need to put a lot of words to identify your brand, but the words that you use should be very descriptive of your brand.

Most people enjoy opening a package for the first time. Aside from joy, your packaging should generate a feeling in a customer, and this feeling will become associated with your brand. Happy, colorful, images on your packaging will create the image that your brand is a joyful brand. Dark, simple, images may signify that your brand is more serious or more grassroots.

Your packaging should err on the side of simplicity, rather than complexity. A customer will not be able to register complex materials within the short time frame that your brand has to make its impression. You should utilize designs that are bold and easy to read.

Aside from the design, your packaging should be simple for a customer to use. You will need to identify your target customer and design your packaging around their lifestyles. A brand that creates products for customers who are constantly on the go, for example, should not use complicated packaging that needs scissors or a bottle opener.

What makes your brand’s packaging stand out from the packaging of your competitors? If you imagine walking through a grocery store aisle that is full of items, it is very easy to miss products that all look the same. The only products that you will really see, and want to know more about, are the products that have interesting packaging that differs from the packaging of the other brands. According to Packaging Digest, uniquely designed packaging can create instant recognition of a brand, and in turn will also create authority for the brand.

The proper packaging for your brand will be both simple for your customer to use and very appealing to potential customers. Through research of your competitors’ packaging you will know if your packaging needs improvement. With great packaging, your brand will be able to improve its value to customers in addition to its revenue.

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