3 Surprising Ways Every School Can Use a Laminator

When you poll people regarding important items that are needed for a school, many of the answers you hear are predictable. For example, you will probably hear folks talk about pencils, desks, and books. Since at least 1988, computers have also been mentioned. All of these items are certainly important. However, did you know a laminator is also an important item for schools? It’s true! Check out these three surprising ways every school can use a laminator.

Desk Tags
A laminator can let students know where to sit in style! After a teacher makes decorated desk tags, a laminator allows those desk tags to be preserved throughout the year. This is no small thing. Desk tags are important for a variety of reasons. For example, students perform better in school when they know they are in a safe place. Affixing that name tag to a desk lets a student know their desk space is their own.

Students sometimes have a tendency to wander around the halls of school. It’s tough to sometimes know if wandering students are truly supposed to be in the hallway. The best way to combat this is to create passes. Passes let adults in the building know students are exactly where they are supposed to be. Of course, the hands of students can quickly wear down passes. This is where a laminator can be used. A teacher can easily create passes for all occasions. After the passes are laminated, students will be able to use the same passes throughout the entire year!

Study Aids
A laminator is a terrific tool for creating student study aids. For example, posters outlining key concepts from class can be laminated to easily post on the wall. The lamination will allow posters to last throughout the year, and it lets them be easily reused in subsequent years. Flash cards can also be laminated to allow students to use them over and over again without causing any visible damage. However, perhaps one of the best things that can be done with a laminator is turning any worksheet into a reusable tool. For example, a teacher can laminate math worksheets to create drills that can be done with dry eraser markers. After a student completes the worksheet, he or she can wipe it clean to use it again another day!

Make sure your school has the tools it needs to succeed. This means stocking up on the papers and pencils, and it also means making sure the latest technology is up and running. However, it also means making sure a laminator is available for every classroom teacher. As you can see above, there are plenty of great things that can be done with it!

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