The Impact Social Media Can Have on Your Franchise’s Profit

Social media is undoubtedly the most powerful driving force in virtually every consumer market today. How people engage with brands largely determines how well those brands perform overall.

Brand loyalists don’t always consider that local businesses own and operate many of the national and international brands they patronize and engage with on social media. They see major corporations as single entities. This leaves open a real opportunity for local franchisees to make their own personal marks on the communities they serve.

Local Franchises on Social Media

There are many opportunities to drive positive engagement with a franchise business’ local client base via social media. Smart owners realize that they cannot simply ride on the coattails of the parent company, especially when the parent company gets caught up in negative press. It is perpetually necessary for franchise owners to present a picture of the local business that shows its commitment to quality and community, even under less than perfect circumstances.

The best way to fortify a local business’ reputation is to have a solid social media strategy in place before any kind of controversy or negativity gains a foothold. Businesses that make a habit of interacting with their communities are in the perfect position to solidify customer relationships before their own reputation is ever called into question. This is why interacting and engaging with their local audience is so important.

Franchises and Social Listening

The other half of the social networking equation comes in the form of listening to what the public has to say, both about the parent company and the local franchise. Successful local franchise owners spend an average of six hours per week on social media, and no small part of that time is spent reading reviews or monitoring conversations about the brand.

The most motivated owners also maintain pages for their local franchises so they can stay in touch with the needs and wants of their immediate customer base. An involved owner can not only drive serious brand loyalty, but also separate the local business from the parent company if negative press begins to propagate around the brand.

The simple act of reading (and, when appropriate, responding to) comments – both positive and negative – can have a huge impact on a local franchise’s bottom line. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, significant increases in sales can come from simply listening to the comments and criticisms of local customers and engaging with those customers appropriately, all with zero added spending on advertising or promotion through traditional channels.

Long-Term Effects

The more involved the owner is with his or her local market, the more that franchise stands to thrive. It comes down to recognizing the power that social media has to make or break a business and opting to use the various social networks as tools to build local brand awareness and customer loyalty.

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