Top 5 Gifts for Dog Lovers

If you know a dog lover, you know they think of their fur baby like they’re a member of the family. There is a huge variety of gifts you can give a dog lover that will make their day. Here, we have narrowed it down to five.

Framed Photo
Many dog lovers can whip out their cell phone and swipe past two dozen or more photos of their pet, and if they have a social media account you will find at least that many. A dog lover will be tickled to receive not only a frame engraved or embossed with a cute quote or phrase alluding to the faithfulness of their companion, but you will no doubt earn bonus points by including a photo of their own dog in the frame. Simply download a photo from their Facebook page or ask them to text you a picture of their furry friend.

High-Quality Pet Bed
Many dog lovers provide a bed for their dog, but it’s common for the stuffing to lose its support over time. And still more dog lovers have multiple dog beds in various rooms around the house so their pup can be comfy wherever they are. Pet beds can be expensive but many sales and Groupon offers can be found to help defray the cost.

From necklaces to earrings and even bracelets, it’s not hard to find jewelry for just about any dog lover. Personalize a piece by engraving the dog’s name or select a breed-specific item.

Donate in Their Name
Animal shelters can always use donations, from cash to help with operations to blankets, bowls, toys, and food. Consider making a donation in your dog loving friend’s name, or book an afternoon for the two of you to volunteer together at a shelter.

Training or Supply Gift Certificate
Many dog lovers would be happy to receive a gift certificate that would help cover the cost of training their new dog or purchasing supplies such as food, toys, treats, and beds. Dog training – even in a dog past puppy stage – can be beneficial for the dog and its owner. Learning a dog’s behavior and how to understand the dog can help both pup and owner to have a long and happy relationship together. Raising a dog can be expensive and the gift certificate would be appreciated.

Remember that dog lovers are rarely picky about a gift that reflects their feelings for these furry companions! Just the gesture of caring about something your dog loving friend cares about will mean a lot to them.

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